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MSD Animal Health

MSD Animal Health are a global provider of pharmaceuticals and vaccinations for use by veterinarians, farmers and pet owners.

Farmers are traditionally less inclined to download and use complex software to run their farms and manage their stocks, so we were asked to develop an online vaccination and medication planner that would be easy to use by sheep farmers whilst on the move.

Developed by our in-house development team, LivestockPRO is a browser based online solution that has been designed to incorporate a very simple and easy to use interface whereby farmers can register their flocks and plan medicine treatments with their vets easily in what has traditionally been a very complex process.

Ultimately the aim of LivestockPRO is to help farmers to maintain the health of their livestock, easily, saving them time and money in lost or underperforming stock.

LivestockPRO features include:

  • Desktop and mobile use
  • Bespoke calendar event planning
  • Access product information
  • Access to the medical knowledgebase (NOAH)
  • Multiple flock management
  • Vaccine planning
  • Automated alerts engine via SMS or email
  • Highly complex and critical formula engine across varying types of vaccines and medicines which differ according to the mix of stock
  • CMS and reporting
  • Single sign-on integration


**Launching soon**

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