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Part of the Metsä Group, Metsä Wood are a global manufacturer of premium timber products and solutions.

The Mestä Wood Finnframe system is used extensively in house building and there are many technical considerations when using it so that the structural integrity of a house is maintained.

Metsä Wood were receiving increasing levels of technical enquiries of a similar nature from contractors using the Finnframe system while working onsite who needed a rapid response to their query, or an onsite visit by a Metsä Wood representative.

It was decided that a more efficient approach would be to provide them with easy access whilst onsite to the answers they needed, so we developed the Finnframe mobile app.

The app provides mobile access to installation guides and product information which are supported by video animations to show different installation configurations and a calculation tool as well as providing the technical installation guidance required.

We supported the launch of the app with site posters and a ‘quick guide’ app leaflet to give out to the contractors which were tailored for the larger house builders which included Bovis and Taylor Wimpey.

Metsawood Mobile App Animation

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