We don’t tinker, we tune


Let’s start with the facts. Every channel is different – something we can say with confidence because we work in so many - from consumer goods to the building industry to office products.


But what we can also say, and with equal confidence, is that all channels are the same, for if just one element fails to deliver, so will the entire channel.


That’s why we treat every channel as a whole and not a collection of individual parts, and it’s why our channel marketing is held in such high regard.


Because we don’t tinker, we tune. We take mechanisms to market and make sure each and every part works in perfect harmony, clear in the knowledge that’s the only way to guarantee high performance.


So if your channel to market is underperforming, we won’t suggest anything until we’ve examined everything. And we certainly won’t reach for a stock solution to what may well be a complex problem. 


Or indeed a very simple one.


The kind of thing we do

  • Development, management and implementation of channel comms and loyalty programmes
  • Creation of support collateral, including sales kits, POS and digital assets
  • Setting-up systems & processes
  • Day-to-day management
  • In and outbound comms
  • Lead generation, distribution, tracking
  • Client portal
  • Our own fully tailored reward & incentive engine: bespokerewards.com


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