Feeling the need, or not?

Are you afraid of using Social Media commercially? Don’t be. Many commercial businesses embrace new marketing channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However there are some that still have real concerns over its potential and indeed its potential for misuse.

We can help develop social media strategies to counter these concerns. We take targeted messaging, the audience, legislation (ever evolving these days!) and other important factors into consideration during the process - in isolation or as part of a broader multi-channel strategy.

User generated content and social media has grown infinitely over the last few years. Let’s face it, it can be a great way for business to tap into the world of the consumer and get a true insight into what customers actually think of your brand, good or not so good!

Social resources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Bebo, Digg, create the perfect online space to influence, inform and engage, but then that is just the start...

The kind of thing we do

Social media strategy & guidance
Research & targeting
Implementation & engagement 
Management & analysis
Campaign integration

Plus - Live broadcasts

Typical platforms include Facebook and YouTube
Help with pre-event awareness
Multi-camera set up, for wide-angle views and engaging close-up work
Product demonstrations, How-To, Ask the expert
Interactive Q/A using comments both during and post-event
Intro/Outro creation


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