Getting eyes on the prize


Play a game. From where you are now count the number of brands images you can see – logos included.


Surprisingly large isn’t it. But it’s just one indication of how busy our visual lives are, and how competitive. So cutting through the clutter really counts - print or on-line.


And as media channels multiply, as audiences fragment and as the way we all use the media changes, so do the ways in which advertising can be effective. It’s no good holding fast to old techniques or expecting the old ways to work. Times have changed – they won’t.


But what does work is the same disciplines, the same sheer leg-work that always did, planning media well, structuring strategies that work and – of course – that insightful inspiring creative idea.


The kind of thing we do

  • Strategic Planning
  • Audience Research
  • Media Planning
  • Concept creation & creative execution
  • Response handling
  • Post Campaign Research and results analysis
  • Media negotiation and planning
  • Media plan including production management


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