A lot of knowledge is a dangerous thing


Funny thing about data, you’d think you could never have too much – but you can.
You see, we know that knowing things, and knowing what they mean are very different.


And splitting one from the other is not so easy.


In the modern world, where every consumer’s every move is recorded and tracked, it’s no longer gathering data that’s the challenge – it’ s uncovering the meaning. And that’s what we do so well and, once we have done so, use our insight to create communications campaigns of all kinds.


Need to know exactly what your customers like? How they think? What turns them from a potential purchaser into a long term, loyal customer? Data tells us all that. But it also tells us the messages to use, the communications channels that will prove most effective and what sort of creative work will really hit the spot.


In short, data in our hands reveals your customers as individuals, so you can talk to them as individuals.


And if we know one thing, we know that’s a good thing.


The kind of thing we do

  • Database development, hosting & management
  • Bespoke reporting & analysis
  • CRM & retention marketing
  • Targeting and mapping
  • Sales lead generation & lead response marketing
  • Data sourcing
  • Industry standard data processing & data protection
  • Data hygiene & enhancement, including de-duplicating, screening and suppression
  • Telemarketing


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