We hate response and fulfilment - that’s unresponsive and less than fulfilling


Dull name isn’t it, ‘response and fulfilment’.


Especially for something that makes such a difference to a customer’s brand experience. In fact we’d go so far as to say it might be the single most critical part.


You spend all that time and energy generating excitement in the market, gathering data, building brand awareness and then, if the response and fulfilment isn’t spot on, what are you left with? A disgruntled, disappointed customer left wondering if you were ever really interested in winning their business.


And really good response and fulfilment isn’t the end of the process - it’s the pivot on which everything turns. It feeds back customer data, it informs new campaigns, it helps measure how effective those campaigns have been.


It’s far more than just utilisation of a QR code, or perhaps sms or even both. And it's much more than just sending a brochure with a letter or even an auto-response email.


Planning and integration are essential; but having the expertise and knowledge to deliver effective technology based solutions is important too and is where we standout - making everything smarter and more joined-up!


The kind of thing we do

  • Tailored solutions
  • In and out-bound response services
  • QR deployment, QR tracking and analytics
  • SMS response handling and broadcast
  • Promotional call handling (automated or manned)
  • Response capture and handling systems 
  • Mobile integration
  • Offer and order processing, fulfilment and follow-up
  • Printed or e-Literature fulfilment service
  • Online client reporting and data access (online access)
  • Tactical telemarketing services


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