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National consumer promotion delivered within six weeks

The Task
The trend for ‘Power Showers’ has spread to the domestic market; with consumers demanding the sort of luxury performance from their own showers that they find in hotels and spas.

The Grohe Rainshower provides just that sort of performance, and so confident were Grohe that purchasers would be impressed, they offered a unique guarantee. If consumers didn’t enjoy their Rainshower completely, for whatever reason, there would be a complete refund.

The Brief
The ‘Enjoyment Guarantee’ was quite a claim, and promoting it meant undertaking consumer advertising for the first time allied to a robust retail promotion. And, a pre-requisite of the pitch process stated that it had to be up and running in just six weeks within a tightly defined budget.

What we knew
• That an ad campaign on its own wouldn’t be enough – that we’d have to put together a full programme
• That consumer advertising in the national press takes a steady nerve – and real commitment
• That our audience was a sophisticated one
• That consumer awareness of the Grohe brand in the UK was low
• That the independent bathroom showrooms would need substantial support
• That we’d need to generate great impact using a limited budget WITHIN six weeks

What we did
Black & White created a clear strategy by planning a consumer journey that mapped every purchasing step - from being unaware of the Grohe range to the first Rainshower experience. Then we made sure bathroom showrooms would be prepared - fully stocked, fully supplied with POS, and fully aware of exactly how the promotion worked.

We created Grohe’s first ever consumer campaign. One that made a clear, bold, statement that this was a money back offer, yet fully supported the brand values of luxury, quality and exclusivity. And we planned and bought an extensive above the line campaign using national colour supplements, lifestyle magazines and inserts.

Finally a microsite was built to give consumers a focussed, easily accesible information point - location of particpating retailers - engendering full confidence they were dealing with an established, thriving and leading brand.

Given such a short timescale, and given that this was Grohe’s first foray into consumer advertising, we decided on a phased approach, constantly measuring our results and adjusting the campaign accordingly - using highly targeted inserts and web banner advertising to increase coverage of any areas of slow uptake in specific showroom areas.

The result was
The campaign exceeded all Grohe’s targets and expectations - for the first time they had established a dialogue with their consumers, and in so doing established themselves as a major force in the eyes of independent bathroom retailers.

Retailer stock sell-in and sell-out surpassed expectations with no refunds recorded 

Our Involvement included:
• Formulating strategy
• Turning the ‘Enjoyment Guarantee’ into a working promotion
• Generating all creative work, from copywriting (including compliant terms and conditions) to photography and final artwork

• Full media planning, negotiation of bookings and production extensive national media press campaign
• Creating, producing and co-ordinating POS and retail support  
• Design, build and hosting a micro site with supporting database
• Taking care of the entire fulfilment, response and data handling processes

In Addition
Whilst this campaign firmly established Grohe as an attainable luxury brand, it also communicated a clear set of values and opportunity to the sales and installation channels.

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