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The scheme that re-energised a brand and set standards

The Task
Historically sales had been supported by two or more tactical sales promotions each year, each costing in excess of six figures.

Over time the impact of those promotions had been fading, mainly due to market saturation with ‘me too’ promotions and also no ability to create brand differentiation. The market leading advantage Vokèra once had, had become eroded.

What we knew
That the market place was now crowded with one-off promotions
That the effect of those promotions was short lived – miss one and another was bound to be along shortly.
That in future the merchant would be every bit as important as the installer
That rewards had to be long-term if we wanted long-term loyalty
That we’d need to create a programme that went beyond mere rewards and incentives

What we did
Black & White changed the emphasis of the promotion, from a short-term reward scheme that targeted the installer alone to a long-term points based one that rewarded the entire marketing channel, independent and national merchants included.


More emphasis was put on repeat purchases to engender loyalty, whilst pitching the reward at a level that allowed low-volume purchasers to feel they could benefit.

An umbrella scheme was created - flexible enough to grow and evolve with the market but one which could provide much-needed tactical support for product launches and special events.

An Affinity web portal was built. Here customers managed their personal Affinity account, could redeem points for extensive rewards (see the reward site here) and see the latest developments from Vokèra.

Our role has extended from conception, through strategic and implementation to day-to-day scheme management, including hotline support, database administration, installer and merchant liaison and support for tactical promotions.

The result was
The highly visible affinity programme now supports the entire channel, over the long term. Creating demand, driving sales, building brand loyalty and providing real value and support to installers and merchant partners - once again putting the Vokèra brand foremost.

It also allows Vokèra to identify its most active brand advocates and support them in their efforts – driving the market rather than reacting to it.

In Addition
Huge costs savings and a powerful marketing programme has put Vokèra firmly back in the driving seat.

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