Polaroid comes to Black & White for more colour.

The Task
Polaroid remains a considerable force in professional circles, especially in studio work where Polaroid film offers techniques that cannot be replicated by digital methods.
Even here though, Polaroid has its competitors - hence the launch of a faster colour balanced 690 film to counteract Fuji’s activities.

The Brief
Black & White were asked to mastermind the entire launch and to position the product at a professional level. To show the product’s clear advantages over it’s rivals and demonstrate its creative potential.

What we knew
That getting the product in the hands of the actual photographers was key 
That we could make the budget work hardest by launching in centres of photographic excellence, Manchester and London
That if well-known top-flight photographers were impressed, their peers would follow through advocacy
That a team of enthusiastic photography students would have more weight with our target audience than professional field promoters.
That a key retail partner was essential
That if we created integrated field marketing with an event where photographers could use real product in a real environment with professional models they couldn’t help but be impressed
That our creative work and ideas would have to be of the highest calibre, this was a knowledgeable, and critical audience
Whatever we created would need to easily integrate into an extended into a PR and advertising campaign.

What we did
Manchester and London events were devised based around fully equipped high-profile studios and with top photographic models on hand. These events were made deliberately stylish and exclusive in order that photographers would seek them out.

A ‘Give it a Shot – 100% Proof’ campaign was created that offered a small instant reward to photographers for trying 690 with a free bottle of a quality, comparable USA Heritage Brand, malt whiskey – Jack Daniels.

The 100% proof message related to the speed of film and the confidence that the photographer could have in the performance of the new product.

The events and the promotion were vigorously promoted through carewfully and highly targetted direct mail, advertising and this was coordinated with field based sampling activities.

We briefed, kitted-up and managed a team of photographic students who we focussed into key areas within London to hand deliver samples to Photographers either onsite or in their studios - encouraging instant trial and selling the benefits on a peer-to-peer basis. Photographic outlets in the target areas were encouraged to stock product, with appropriate marketing collateral and support from central marketing

The result was
The take up was exceptional with photographers reacting to the panache of the campaign.
The integrated approach embracing field based sampling activity with knowledgable students was a huge success

Invitations were in great demand and the events themselves remained a talking point months later.
Polaroid’s image amongst its professional target audience shifted from ‘less relevant or somewhat forgotten now' to ‘for our special use’.

In Addition
All data gathered has been utilised to establish a broader more personal ongoing dialogue with this specialist audience

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